Short Bio

I wanted to create a resource for anyone to listen in and find something of value or meaning in other people's stories. With everything thats going on in the world today I think we just need to realize that in the end we are all just people. 


I was born in Bend, OR, USA. I grew up for seven years in a little place called Burns, OR for about seven years of my life then moved to Wilsonville, OR. Thats were I spent most of my time growing up in the upper middle class, while being in the lower middle class. My hobbies as a child were mostly exploring the neighborhood with friends and playing video games with my little brother. As I grew older I enjoyed reading a lot. English was my favorite class besides P.E. My mother and father got divorced when I was about 7 years old and then my mother got together with my step father. In High School I mostly focused on wrestling and my English class, all others fell by the wayside and I was just fine with barely passing the rest of my classes. My step father suddenly passed away from an aneurysm just before I graduated. I felt alone and angry, I had done all of this work for my father to be proud of me. On graduation day I only heard from people that my father must be proud of me. I could only look up to see if he was watching but found only darkness staring back. I fell into depression and failed my Freshman year of community college. My mother suggested to work at Mt. Rainier National Park. I went up there to find peace, and I did. I met a lot of people from different places and it opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. I found Mandarin Chinese an interest that I am still pursuing and I met my wife there. After working there for only a summer my life was changed and my depression was cured. I now had a goal. I was going to teach English in Taiwan. In 2009 I graduated from Clackamas Community College. Shortly after I got my TESOL(Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages) certificated. Then I flew to Taiwan with my then girlfriend. I spent 2 and a half years teaching English and I wanted to come back to Portland, OR and finish my degree in Mandarin Chinese. But before that my girlfriend and decided to work and travel in Australia for a year. After an unforgettable life experience we flew back to Portland. Shortly after I asked me girlfriend to marry me and she of course said yes. I spent four additional years in university finishing up my bachelors degree in Mandarin Chinese. That leads us to this Podcast.